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GCVA Conference 2024 – 6-7 March
Sponsorship packages vary from broadcast to networking sponsor; and from registration to first night party.

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We are delighted to announce SVS as lead sponsor for the GCVA Global Conference 2024 for the ninth year running.

SVS – Lead Sponsor

A worldwide leader focused solely on increasing your gift card sales.

It’s what we care about – the success of your gift card program and the resulting growth in your overall sales. It’s no longer a question of why gift cards. It’s a question of how to take advantage of the countless ways consumers want to buy them, use them, and gift them. That’s why, from our pioneering days, we focused exclusively on building an all-inclusive platform dedicated to stored value and its exploding popularity with your customers.

Your gift card programme deserves absolute focus, and that’s what SVS is all about.