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GCVA Conference 2024 – 6-7 March
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We are delighted to announce SVS as lead sponsor for the GCVA Global Conference 2024 for the ninth year running.

SVS – Lead Sponsor

A worldwide leader focused solely on increasing your gift card sales.

It’s what we care about – the success of your gift card program and the resulting growth in your overall sales. It’s no longer a question of why gift cards. It’s a question of how to take advantage of the countless ways consumers want to buy them, use them, and gift them. That’s why, from our pioneering days, we focused exclusively on building an all-inclusive platform dedicated to stored value and its exploding popularity with your customers.

Your gift card programme deserves absolute focus, and that’s what SVS is all about.

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Lifestyle, part of Motivates – Delegate Bag Sponsor

Making rewarding and gifting easy is why we at Motivates exist. Home of everyone’s favourite reward and gift, The Lifestyle Voucher, was created to deliver imaginative motivation, reward, recognition, incentive, customer loyalty and events strategies that bring brands to life. As reward and gifting experts, everything we do is designed to help show the great people in your world just how much you value them. We know that creating inspirational recognition, loyalty and motivation strategies is critical to success. And that is what we at Motivates are all about!

Also, new to our offering is our consumer multi-choice gift card range found in over 5,000 stores and supermarkets across the UK – Lifestyle Ultimate, Lifestyle Eat, Lifestyle Fashion & Beauty and Lifestyle Home.

For more information, visit and


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BHN – GCVA101 sponsor
BHN delivers branded payment programmes to help meet today’s most challenging business objectives. We collaborate with our partners to innovate, translating market trends in branded payments to extend reach, build loyalty and increase revenue.

Whether you’re a merchant, retailer, or digital reseller, we have all the tools to help you drive revenue with a gift card programme.

We’re helping businesses elevate their most important relationships with branded payment solutions.

We offer a full portfolio of comprehensive services to ensure the success of our partners’, including design, distribution, fulfilment and marketing. Our proven reliability and scale underpins every programme, giving our partners confidence that business objectives will be exceeded.

We’re shaping the future of global branded payments. – Keynote Speaker sponsor
For over 25 years, has been inspiring people across the globe to travel and discover all the beauty our wonderful world has to offer. is today the European Travel-Tech leader in dynamic holiday-packages, developing our own products and services to power the entire traveller journey for millions of people. Whether it’s increasing loyalty and retention, generating new revenue streams or rewarding customers, offers travel solutions to meet all needs, with access to the widest range of air (450+ airlines), over 2.5m hotels and train supply to suit all brands and their customers or employees.


YouGotaGift – Registration Sponsor
YOUGotaGift is the leading eGift Card Marketplace in MENA – by bringing gift cards into a digital marketplace, we pioneered and set a new benchmark for consumer and business convenience in the region. Our catalogue consists of directly integrated 700+ brands. We work with 2000+ regional clients across loyalty, incentives and retail.


B4B Payments – Sponsor
B4B Payments is a proud member of the Banking Circle Group and a multi-award-winning financial services technology company offering Banking-as-a-Service solutions.

With over 18 years of payment expertise and recognition as a regulated EMI in the UK and EU, we are a principal member of Mastercard Europe and a partner of VISA Inc. in the USA. Our comprehensive solutions encompass BIN sponsorship, payment accounts, FX and card issuing, reflecting our commitment to cutting-edge financial solutions.


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TDS – Coffee Cart Sponsor
TDS Gift Cards (TDS) offers a comprehensive approach to gift card processing and program management tailored to meet digital brands’ specific needs. The TDS processing platform is one of the largest networks globally, connecting our partners to 4.5M+ points of distribution in 40+ countries instantly through one connection.

TDS has developed a global processing solution for digital brands, making it easy for brands to quickly realise the benefits of gift cards at traditional retailers without any in-house expertise or disruption to internal teams.

The TDS team consists of industry veterans dedicated to growing our client’s programs efficiently and effectively. Our ever-expanding client list includes many of today’s leading global brands, including Netflix, Uber, Nike, Twitch, Deliveroo, and more!

Learn more at


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Merit Incentives – Networking Sponsor
Merit Incentives is a global engagement technology company enabling businesses to increase customer and employee engagement, via a suite of innovative cloud-based SaaS platforms, enterprise solutions, applications & software. Merit products include, a SaaS loyalty and rewards marketplace made up of nine distinctive engaging redemption modules, & – the most advanced SaaS digital giftcard platform on the market, enabling instant sales and redemptions from retailers.


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Savvy – State of the Nation sponsor
Savvy is a leading technology company specialising in stored value exchange programmes. Savvy owns and operates a highly secure cloud-based processing platform that enables hundreds of domestic and international brands to run physical and digital gift card programmes and other stored value programmes supporting digital refunds, rewards, incentives, and discounts.

Savvy’s passion is helping businesses win, driving commercial growth and exceptional customer experiences. Working in collaboration with many affiliates and as an internationally recognised processor in the gift card industry, Savvy is well positioned to support our partners who wish to provide their merchants with our innovative range of services with reliable technology, processing, and analytics expertise.

Prezzee Logo 200x80

Prezzee – LoveFood Sponsor
Prezzee are on a worldwide journey to change the art of gifting one moment of joy at a time. From our roots in Australia it is our mission to ignite human connection through remarkable digital gifting moments.

With offices in Sydney, London, New York and San Francisco, covering 6 countries and growing fast, Prezzee is the answer to your questions about how to bring personality, choice and fun into the gifting or reward journey, from recognition to loyalty, and brand to consumer.