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GCVA Global Conference 2022 – 2 & 3 March
A wide range of sponsorship packages are available from broadcast to networking sponsor; and from registration to opening party. Download the Conference Overview PDF here.

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We are delighted to announce SVS as lead sponsor for the GCVA Global Conference 2022 for the seventh year running.

SVS – Lead Sponsor

A worldwide leader focused solely on increasing your gift card sales.

It’s what we care about – the success of your gift card program and the resulting growth in your overall sales. It’s no longer a question of why gift cards. It’s a question of how to take advantage of the countless ways consumers want to buy them, use them, and gift them. That’s why, from our pioneering days, we focused exclusively on building an all-inclusive platform dedicated to stored value and its exploding popularity with your customers.

Your gift card program deserves absolute focus, and that’s what SVS is all about.


Blackhawk Network – Broadcast Sponsor

Blackhawk Network delivers branded payment programmes to help meet today’s most challenging business objectives. We collaborate with our partners to innovate, translating market trends in branded payments to extend reach, build loyalty and increase revenue.

Whether you’re a merchant, retailer, or digital reseller, we have all the tools to help you drive revenue with a gift card programme.

We’re helping businesses elevate their most important relationships with branded payment solutions.

We offer a full portfolio of comprehensive services to ensure the success of our partners’, including design, distribution, fulfilment and marketing. Our proven reliability and scale underpins every programme, giving our partners confidence that business objectives will be exceeded.

We’re shaping the future of global branded payments.


INCOMM – Delegate Bag & Networking Sponsor

InComm Payments is an innovative global payments technology provider. Leveraging dynamic technology and proven expertise, InComm Payments delivers enhanced end-to-end payment platforms and emerging financial technology solutions that help businesses grow across a wide range of industries including retail, healthcare, tolling and transit, incentives, mobile payments and financial services.

By enabling omnichannel connections to an ever-expanding consumer base in an increasingly digital ecosystem, InComm Payments creates seamless and valuable commerce experiences across the globe. With three decades of experience, over 500,000 points of distribution, 402 global patents and a presence in more than 30 countries, InComm Payments leads the payments industry from its headquarters in Atlanta, Ga.

Learn more at

Topps Digital Services – Love Food Sponsor

Topps Digital Services (TDS) offers a comprehensive approach to gift card processing and program management specifically tailored to the meet the needs of digital brands. The TDS processing platform is one of the largest networks globally, connecting our partners to 4.5M+ points of distribution in 60+ countries instantly through one connection.

TDS has developed a global processing solution for digital brands, making it easy for brands to quickly realize the benefits of gift cards at traditional retailers without any in-house expertise or disruption to internal teams.

The TDS team consists of industry veterans dedicated to growing our client’s programs efficiently and effectively. Our ever-expanding client list includes many of today’s leading global brands including Netflix, Uber, Nike, Twitch, Deliveroo, and more!

Reach out to Jay Atkinson at [email protected] or visit us at to learn more.

Appreciate Group logo 200x80
Appreciate Group – State of the Nation Sponsor

Appreciate Group is home to many of the UK’s most-loved gifting, pre-payment and engagement solutions. Its purpose is to create more joy in the world by being trusted to help customers when it comes to celebrating and rewarding.

Through its famous multi-redemption solution – Love2shop – it offers customers the opportunity to choose from hundreds of redemption options, from leading retailers and attractions, to top leisure and hospitality.

It has a wide portfolio of brands which provide gift card and gift voucher solutions to consumer and business customers. Appreciate Business Services provides corporate partners with incentives and rewards for their employees and clients. Park Christmas Savings has now helped over 3 million families budget for Christmas, and its website offers customers a range digital, e-gift card and physical card formats as well as paper.

Fiserv – Party Sponsor

Take your loyalty program, rewards, and incentives to the next level. Gift Solutions from Fiserv helps you extend your brand reach, expand your distribution, and engage consumers — anytime, anywhere, on any device. We help clients drive growth across all channels with innovative, end-to-end branded currency solutions.

Trusted by over 350 of the world’s largest brands and thousands of smaller merchants, Gift Solutions from Fiserv helps drive customer engagement and build brand loyalty while growing revenue. At Fiserv, we’re dedicated to finding new ways to push the envelope on how brands and consumers use technology and digital mobility to connect.


Merit Incentives – Registration Sponsor

Merit Incentives is a global technology company specialised in white-label and SaaS engagement technologies with B2B clients to enable them to internally motivate their employees and/or externally retain and attract customers via sales incentives and loyalty programs.

The company has developed a digital rewards and incentives catalogue in 100+ countries globally, using its proprietary white-label gift card, benefits, experiences, and coupon software connected with + 5,000 brands and service providers, including 800+ in the Middle East only.

Merit has offices in the MENA region, Europe and APAC and is successfully running its global flagship e-gift card marketplace

Prizeout – Dot Tech Sponsor

Founded in 2019, Prizeout is a first-in-class ad-tech company that works within multiple industries (banking, crypto, gig-economy, gaming, payroll/finance and more) to connect customers withdrawing money with brands looking to acquire customers and drive sales, via gift cards.

When users with balances on our partner platforms choose to withdraw, they can select Prizeout and browse our customized marketplace for brands and offers. Users cashout with their brand of choice and are instantly emailed their gift card.

Through our exclusive partnerships, Prizeout offers users with exclusive access to bonus offers on popular and emerging brand favorites, while providing them with a fast, secure and curated experience. The best part for brands? Not only can they reach new customers with purchasing power, they don’t pay a cent unless it’s on real sales.

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