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GOLD exhibitor

A worldwide leader focused solely on increasing your gift card sales.

It’s what we care about – the success of your gift card program and the resulting growth in your overall sales. It’s no longer a question of why gift cards. It’s a question of how to take advantage of the countless ways consumers want to buy them, use them, and gift them. That’s why, from our pioneering days, we focused exclusively on building an all-inclusive platform dedicated to stored value and its exploding popularity with your customers.

Your gift card program deserves absolute focus, and that’s what SVS is all about.


SILVER exhibitor

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Norway with sales and operations in the UK, Diggecard is a global provider of gift card expertise and technology. Our mission is to deliver this expertise and technology to the heart of businesses of all sizes in retail, leisure and hospitality to enable gift card sales, processing, redemption, payment, delivery and reporting.

Through our team of experts, Diggecard focuses on high levels of customer engagement, allowing small independent retailers to quickly launch a digital gift card, and large global operators to outsource their entire gift card programme. We also work with technology partners to integrate specialist solutions.

An extensive network of business and agency customers across EMEA use our services to provide engaging rewards and incentives for customers, employees and members. Our global brand portfolio combined with delivery services and platforms allows our customers to connect with their target audience and deliver commercial goals.


BRONZE exhibitor

Thames Technology is one of the UK’s leading and most flexible manufacturers of sustainable board and environmentally-sound plastic gift cards. Offering both Litho and Digital print solutions for B2B and B2C fulfilment, we an extensive portfolio of products to suit all applications for ‘Closed Loop’, ‘Gift Card Mall’ and ‘Open Loop’ card programmes. In addition, we also support an extensive range of prepaid Visa, MasterCard and American Express products conforming to the latest EMV standards.

Thames Technology is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of sustainable paperboard and environmentally friendly plastic gift cards. With almost 20 years’ of Mastercard and Visa certification, Thames Technology is industry recognised for being committed to industry best practice and ensuring the highest levels of security whilst driving design and innovation and protecting the environment.

To help retailers reduce the impact of their gift card offering on the environment, we work hard to offer a broad range of sustainable gift card materials. Our innovative Eden range offers a variety of environmentally sustainable gift card products from the ‘Turn the Tide’ ocean bound plastic cards to the 100% biodegradable paper board cards, there are a wide range of sustainable substrates available to suit all of your gift card requirements.

At the GCVA conference we will be showcasing our entire range of gift card, packaging, and fulfilment solutions, including our sustainable paperboard gift cards and environmentally friendly packaging.

BRONZE exhibitor

Blackhawk Network delivers branded payment programmes to help meet today’s most challenging business objectives. We collaborate with our partners to innovate, translating market trends in branded payments to extend reach, build loyalty and increase revenue.

Whether you’re a merchant, retailer, or digital reseller, we have all the tools to help you drive revenue with a gift card programme.

We’re helping businesses elevate their most important relationships with branded payment solutions.

We offer a full portfolio of comprehensive services to ensure the success of our partners’, including design, distribution, fulfilment and marketing. Our proven reliability and scale underpins every programme, giving our partners confidence that business objectives will be exceeded.

We’re shaping the future of global branded payments.

BRONZE exhibitor

Xoxoday provides technology infrastructure to enable businesses to automate rewards, incentives and payouts processes across the value chain. Xoxoday, currently, has three products:

  • Plum: a horizontal infrastructure platform that helps businesses disburse payouts, rewards, incentives, and benefits to their employees, customers, sales, and partners.
  • Empuls: An all-in-one platform to provide holistic employee engagement
  • Compass: A platform to turbo-charge sales teams and automate your incentives programs. Accelerate sales through gamification, with zero payout hassles.

What Stripe is to Payments and Twilio is to Communication, Xoxoday is to Rewards and Incentives. Companies use Xoxoday products to improve their channel performance, sales performance, increase employee engagement, and to build brand loyalty/retention with their customers.

Xoxoday has 1400+ customers (many from the Fortune 500) and 2 million+ users. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Xoxoday has five global offices and a 250+ strong team.

Green Gift Cards – Quick X exhibitor

Livewire, the parent company behind Green Gift Cards, has been operating and innovating in the card market since 2006 and is widely seen to be a leader in the environmental alternative field. We launched Green Gift Cards back in 2012 to start to drive change and environmental responsibility in the card sector after becoming frustrated with the industry and its impact on the climate. Our strategy is to remove the burden on the consumer and card issuer on how to deal with the card at the end of its short life. Our solution removes the need for specialist and expensive recycling and most importantly avoids sending the cards to incinerators and landfill. We will continue to educate organisations on how simple it is to switch to cards that are certified plastic-free, compostable and recyclable in regular household waste streams.

Healthy Minds Club – Quick X exhibitor

The UK’s 1st Positive Mental Health Gift Card. Empowering positive mental health by connecting individuals with qualified experts to build a personalised resilience toolkit.

Healthy Minds Club is the UK’s 1st Positive Mental Health Gift Card. A simple solution to a complex problem. Empowering positive mental health by connecting individuals with highly qualified experts to build a personalised resilience toolkit. We empower our customers to prevent mental health issues and to truly thrive.

GOLD exhibitor

epay manages a wide range of prepaid solutions and modern payment transactions through a network of POS terminals and cloud and SaaS-based applications including technical integrations, full settlement and reporting services, and comprehensive marketing and merchandising support. In total in the UK we have the largest retailer footprint with over 30,000 locations

Some of these solutions and business relationships include:

  • Partnerships with the world’s leading brands (Apple, Google, Spotify, Sony, Microsoft, and more) to manage the distribution and payment services for their digital content to consumers
  • Vouchers and physical gift fulfilment services in Europe.
  • Physical branded and open loop gift card distribution and processing services for brands such as Just Eat, HTA, Gousto, Totally Well
  • Reloadable debit cards
  • Digital code distribution and redemption for gaming and other services.
  • Mobile top-up
  • Retail money center management solutions
  • Employee incentive programs
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Digital wallet integrations, loading, and payment processing

Solutions for contactless and alternative payment sources (Alipay, etc.) and authentication methods (QR codes, biometrics, etc.)

BRONZE exhibitor

Giftomatic is an innovative tech-company from Amsterdam offering several white label tools for Gift card companies to apply a new business model on online gift card redemptions.

Giftomatic is built by 3 experienced tech-entrepreneurs who introduce affiliate marketing to the gift card industry. They have over 15 years of experience in affiliate marketing and building digital platforms with millions of users.

In The Netherlands most of the open loop and multichoice cards have implemented the Giftomatic tools. Giftomatic starts partnerships in ’22 with a multitude of partners who operate in countries with significant gift card revenues, such as UK, Australia, United States, Germany, France and Canada.

BRONZE exhibitor

Incodia was formally the British operations of CPI Card Group until it became independent and rebranded in 2018.

Today, Incodia occupies sites in Essex and Lancashire and produces around 40% of all gift, loyalty, reward and membership cards in the UK. Its operations feature some of the very latest printing technology aimed at increasing quality, reducing costs and improving sustainability.

Incodia has long-standing relationships with many of the UK’s favourite brands, retailers and membership organisations. As well as cards, Incodia increasingly produces packaging for food, toiletries, cosmetics and other FMCG.

With experience safely handling large quantities of data, Incodia also provides fulfilment of gifts, packs, merchandise and other items direct to consumers.

Incodia has delivered a number of key industry innovations.

In 2017, Incodia introduced its unique Earth Cards range made from FSC certified paperboard and other recycled and biodegradable alternatives. They’ve helped over 150 gift card programmes make the switch, saving more than 3,500 tonnes of plastic.

BRONZE exhibitor

Burgopak is a world leader in design and manufacture of innovative packaging for products of all shapes and sizes. With 20+ years’ experience in the gifts, loyalty and hospitality, and a highly creative and experienced collaborative team, we design to brief, to provide an engaging opening experience to your customers, creating a higher perceived value of your product with clever cardboard engineering, and making your life easier by managing the process from conception to completion.

Be sure to sign up to the official mailing list here, for all the latest news, innovations and up-coming limited designs from Burgopak and Duallok.

Nitecrest – Quick X Partner

A dedicated gift card, loyalty and membership specialist synonymous with the fastest lead-times and highest service levels in the industry. Nitecrest have a wealth of paper board card and plastic card printing and manufacturing experience, offering a turnkey solution delivered directly to consumer, bulk to stores or via distribution centres.

The company has a full portfolio of cards and is certified to produce both Visa and MasterCard products ensuring that your data and card security is to the highest possible standards. We have in-house manufacturing for both digital short run card solutions with turnaround available within a 72 hour service and Litho printing presses for our medium to large runs, where we can also support urgent quick to market campaigns on both eco friendly paper boards and eco range of plastics.

Our environmental policies give customers comfort that we work hard to ensure the products we produce have all the sustainability credentials. We also offer an online fulfilment service, in-house design services, secure packaging  and have been innovators in product design bringing first to market products throughout our 25 years in card manufacturing. As part of our wider group which comprises of multiple card manufacturing and personalisation sites throughout the MENA regions and North American markets you can take advantage of working with a true global player in cards. – Quick X exhibitor

One gift card. Millions of combinations. With the Travel Gift Card your customers can choose from more than 400 airlines and 3m+ hotels, along with European train options too in partnership with Eurostar! And with our state of the art dynamic packaging technology, you can tailor make your perfect getaway in one easy package. No ‘you must travel on this date’. No ‘you must travel from this airport’. If there is a flight and hotel available for your preferred destination the Travel Gift Card will get you there. is the iconic travel and lifestyle brand of the lm Group, inspiring people to make the most out of every minute. lm Group operates a number of key brands throughout Europe, including and the successful brands Bravofly,, Rumbo, Volagratis and Jetcost. has grown to come a leader in the European online travel and leisure sector.